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Ben Templar [Actor in October 2016 Showcase] 01/12/2016
"I’ve loved every moment of the Reduced Circumstances showcase. Coming from the other side of the ... [More]

Esther Shanson [Actress in October 2016 showcase] 25/11/2016
"Lovely, skilled and talented team of people to work with all round – especially Jen and Emma! ... [More]

Samantha Chrissie [Actress, October 2016 showcase] 25/11/2016
"Thank you so much for everything. The organisation of RC is second to none, I never felt nothing was ... [More]

Philip Andrew [Actor in March 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"Fantastic experience, not only the showcase itself but all the workshops and rehearsals were great. ... [More]

Helen Kent [Actress in March 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"The showcase was an overall positive experience. The process of finding a partner to work with was perfect. ... [More]

Mike Evans [Actor in March 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"Reduced Circumstances is a brilliantly created and well devised opportunity for actors at any stage ... [More]

Louise Devlin [Actress in March 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"I felt the organisation, and support and structure was excellent. The whole experience was brilliant ... [More]

Katie Rice [Actress in March 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"I am glad that I did it as it is all networking. I got to meet like-minded actors and was exposed to ... [More]

Jack Irwin [Actor in April 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"The Reduced Circumstances showcase was an incredibly worthwhile, enjoyable and fulfilling experience. ... [More]

Alessia Gotti [Actress in April 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"I would recommend it because you get to work with great people; just the 2 days of the workshop weekend ... [More]

Sophie Dyke [Actress in March 2016 Showcase] 30/08/2016
"RC is a wonderful chance to get your teeth into whatever play/scenes you like, that isn’t an opportunity ... [More]

Ric Renton [Actor in March 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"Reduced circumstances offers a bridge between where you are & where you'd like to be be it with ... [More]

Victoria Smith [Actress in March 2016 showcase] 30/08/2016
"I'm glad I did the showcase in that it really pushed me to promote myself and be braver about ... [More]

Emma Spence [Actress in Oct 2014 showcase] 06/02/2015
"I cannot recommend Reduced Circumstances highly enough. It was an utter privilege to be part of the ... [More]

Michelle Lehane [Actress in October 2014 showcase] 26/01/2015
"The RC showcase was a brilliant experience. They offer structured support before and after the event ... [More]

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